"Form" that allows to choose desired document and table before filling?

I’m trying to create a “Quick input form” that allows me to choose in which document and then in which table I want to add the record, just like Coda’s Chrome extension does, just that, with a form, (so that I can type what I need). I’m assuming it’s doable but I can’ figure out a way to do it. Has one been able to build something like that?

Thank you

Hey @Ford I think you can do this by using CrossDoc to bring all of the documents into the form doc. Then create a separate CrossDoc button for each entry that sends it to each of the docs you want to choose from.

Then you can build some kind of logic to decide which CrossDoc button gets pressed, sending the row info into that doc.

Good luck!


Thanks @Johg_Ananda , that’s actually a smart approach. Tomorrow I’ll try to see if it can work for me. Thanks for the input!

Another option, if you want to avoid CrossDoc and the associated headaches, would be to great a sort of “index doc” that contains a table that is simply a dictionary list of some key words and links to forms of all tables in various docs that you may want to add rows to.