Format time left

I want to have a column that calculates the time left for delivery on a project. But I would like that it shows only the total amount of Hours left to delivery, not the day, hors, minutes, seconds…
what am I missing in this formula?

if(thisRow.[Delivery Date] > Now() and thisRow.Status=Open, format(Days(thisRow.[Delivery Date]-Now())), “Done”)

Thanks in advance!

Does ToHours() work for you?

   thisRow.[Delivery Date] > Now() and thisRow.Status=Open, 
   ToHours(thisRow.[Delivery Date]-Now()).Round(2), 

The Round() at the end is optional, but will bring it to two decimal places

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Hi Jeane_carlos, IT didn’t quite work but I found something that works…:

if(thisRow.[Delivery Date] > Now() and thisRow.Status=Open,format(thisRow.[Delivery Date]-Now()).ToHours().Rounddown(), “Done”)

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