Formula for Hiding and Revealing Row Data

Hi there. I am trying to create a formula where if I click between two button options in column A (e.g. hide and reveal) that it will hide and reveal simultaneously all data in the row associated with column A. I am using it for revision of study material and had obtained the idea from another Coda user’s template but as soon as I tried to enter additional rows into their template, I couldn’t get the same pro-forma to work in the new rows. Any thoughts about how I can re-create this?

Thank you in advance

Hey @Sally_Jacobs, I hope I got your question right :slight_smile:

If you want to reveal and hide columns with buttons, you need also ‘storage’ columns that can store the value during the ‘hidden’-stage. You can then make the storage column invisible with the table options.

The button then checks if the visible value column is filled or empty. If it is empty, he should fill the value of the storage. If it is filled, it should get cleared:
=if(thisrow.result.isBlank(),,'') <- forumlar example for the button action.

Here is an example for vocubulary learning. In the view below, you can see the invisible storage.

Does this help you?