Collapsing content via a formula

Hey all. I’m wondering if I’ve just missed something obvious - or its perhaps not possible.
I want to be able to show / hide the contents of a table view depending on a formula in another table.

I certainly couldn’t find anything about that in the help docs around collapsing content.

I’m guessing its not such a massive use case.

Do collapsed sections / tables / lists have their own urls potentially? (Just thinking outside the square?)


Dear @Brendan_Woithe,

No experience, but maybe a shot in the right direction:

:bulb: When you name the formula you have in a certain table and you use this formula name in the other table, they should interact.

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Hi @Brendan_Woithe,
this is a very good point and I think it could be useful.

Unfortunately it’s not currently available, AFAIK, but definitely a valid suggestion to be put in place.


@Brendan_Woithe There is a template in the template gallery called Omnicodoro where the maker created collapsible content within a table. You might find it useful.

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Oh I’ll have a look.
I’m guessing its just showing/hiding rows? I do that a tonne.
My idea is to use the collapsible function… :slight_smile: Helps keep the UX for a user really clean.

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Please add me to the list of users who would like this feature.

I have a dashboard that links to other pages that have been updated. I would like to make the collapsible sections disappear if the page has not been updated, or sort the list according to the page’s modification timestamp. Think: Facebook or Twitter timeline. I’m a new user to Coda so I’m not sure if this can be done; I tried using a table but the column defaults to a single formula that all rows use.