Can you conditionally hide/show sections of content from a formula?

Hey all,

I’m wondering if theres any way to conditionally hide and show complete sections of content from a formula. I’m wanting, depending on some true/false variable, to hide an entire section of a page (multiple lines).

Is this possible?

Being able to collapse/expand sections would also work for my use case. Is this something that can be done through formulas?


HI Matt

It depends… :wink:

It depends on how much you are willing to change the way you work, I assume the following is not the way most people structure their information.

But if you want to flexibly combine, include, exclude and recombine sections of text, the following will work. Create a table, in the example below I have created one called dictionary, with two columns. The first is a label/link to your text. The second is the text itself.

On your page you then have a formula that reads your text/ dictionary table, and checks a select control for its setting. I have used True/ False in this example, but anything goes.

A working example of the above screenshot is in the document link below. You could use this concept to build a page of terms and conditions that pulls in specific paragraphs based on product, customer, or a combination of the two.
You could also use it to build contracts, policies and procedures, etc. I am not very familiar with the format() formula, but you could probably use format() to make the resulting page look better.

It’s just a ramble…
Rambling Pete

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This is an interesting solution, expanded the way I think about tables. I’ll have to see if a canvas field can be rendered through a formula inline. But I think this will work, at the very least, with unstyled content.


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Oh this is very cool, thank you for linking this

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