IF operator to display content conditionally

At our company, we run 2-week long sprints, but we still meet weekly as a team to review our individual and team objectives and we use two different pages built with Coda to:

  1. Gather information from each team member.
  2. Present that information during the meeting.

In the presentation page, we only want to display a specific table of “lessons learned during last sprint” only if it is the beginning of the sprint. Otherwise, we don’t want that information to appear in the page at all.

Ideally, we could use an IF operator to choose to display a table only under certain conditions.


We don’t currently support formulaically displaying tables, but one thing you could do is experiment with the BulletedList() formula to show the table as a list.

Here’s an example. In this case, I just used a checkbox to control whether it’s the beginning of the sprint, but you could use another condition (such as comparing the sprint date to Today()).

Hope that helps!

Great hack!

I would love to use the BulletedList() formula but with it we can only see the display column of each element.

That would not work for us because we need to:
a) see multiple attributes of each element.
b) use it as a table to enter data.

Thank you for the suggestion! I might still use it in the future! :raised_hands:

I came up with a beautiful and horrible hack to add on to @oleg’s suggestion. Use Bulleted List in conjuction with FormulaMap, Hyperlink, and concatenation to construct a string for each row. While this doesn’t let you edit a row inline, it does give each row a hyperlink back to its source:

=BulletedList([Table 1].FormulaMap(Hyperlink(thisRow,[Column 1]+ ' | '+ [Column 2])))

EDIT: I was mistaken, and the hyperlinks created in this way do not actually work correctly.


This is a really creative solution! I am not able to get the hyperlink to work when using thisRow in the formula. When you say it’s “hyperlnked,” are you saying each value in the bulleted list links back to the row in the table (like a @reference)? The URLs in the list are empty for me :neutral_face:.

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Oops! I was totally wrong and you cannot make a hyperlink to a row in that way. :frowning:


Another hack is to add a 3rd column that basically concatenates the first two columns. So my “concatString” column’s formula is =col1 + ' | ' + col2' and is set as the Display Column for the table. Then a bulleted list will allow you to see all the row’s attributes and reference the underlying row: