Bulleted List with if condition

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I have a table listing student names as records, and subjects for each column. I want to combine the values for each column to give me a list of completed subjects. At the moment, there is a bullet for each column selected, whether or not there is something listed. How do I create a list that doesn’t put a bullet for a blank cell?

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What about using the following formulas:

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Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets, I tried using the isnotblank formula with the following: bulletedlist(switchif(isnotblank(thisRow.[EDU125 Completed]),thisRow.[EDU125 Completed]),switchif(isnotblank(thisRow.[EDU124 Completed]),thisRow.[EDU124 Completed]))
The output was still:

  • EDU124 Completed

What I want is for it to passover the blank cells. any other ideas?

Dear @Andrew_Youd,

:bulb:To see the question in the right context it would be great if you could share a dummy copy of your doc with the community.

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The purpose of this document is for faculty to track student course completed. I envisage hiding the columns which bring up the subject code: “EDU125 unit”, "EDU124 Unit”. I am aware I could just have a completed column where faculty nominate the subjects, but it is helpful to have the subjects have a column so that they can see their progress across the 32 subjects they need to complete.

I might have had a similar challenge as you had, but in a different context:

I created a table to valid inputs before transferring the data to the actual table.

That data validation table has a column in a table called warning, to warn users what data validation issues there are. I wanted to create a bulleted list of warning messages but when my if statements resulted in a blank, i ended up have a blank bullet item.

My solution:

What I did was to convert my BulletedList to a List, And filter the blanks out of the list, then fed that list to the BulletedList formula. Something like:

BulletedList(List(If statement 1, If statement 2, If statement 3, If statement 4, If statement 5).Filter(CurrentValue.IsNotBlank()))

This did it for me.

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Great that you are sharing your solution that might work for @Andrew_Youd

Somehow I missed to reply as the doc is not accessible, do you still need support @Andrew_Youd?

Hereby I want raise the awareness of a brand new serie on the formulas, that is quite helpful and has several great tips when building the formulas:

Thanks Jean. Will check out this video series