Bulleted List of Not Blank Columns

I have about 10 columns, some with information, and some blank for different rows. In one column, I’d like to see a bulleted list summarizing all of the boxes in the row that are filled. Bonus points if you can figure out how to add the column name in the bulleted list in front of the information in that row.

Thanks in advance! Here’s my doc:


Hey there!

Try this:
list(columnA, columnB, columnC).filter(currentValue.isNotBlank()).bulletedList()

You could also probably get the column name with a similar formula but instead of the arguments in the list() formula being the simple column it would be:
If(columnA.isBlank(), “”, concatenate(_bold(columnA), “ - ”, columnA))

Repeat that if statement for each column inside the formula written above

Haven’t tested it out yet though- not at a computer. Also the _bold() isn’t necessary, just gives it a nice format and look. Also it only works on text, so you can add a .totext() at the end of your column value if it’s not already

Beautiful!!! Thank you so much! I combined these two formulas and they worked well!

You actually got the name of the column to show with this formula? I have been looking for a way to do that, but I can’t get it done with these formulas. Could you show that in your Sandbox doc please?

@joost_mineur - It wouldn’t be programmatically pulling the column name, within your concatenation formula you’d probably need to just type in the name in quotes -

Sorry should have been more clear about that.

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Just updated the sandbox with the formula. Like Scott said, there’s not really a way to pull the column name, you just have to put it into the concatenation formula.

You don’t have to be sorry, and I didn’t think it could be done, but the way I read your answer tempted me to look into this a bit more. I hate to hard code this type of information in my formulas, but sometimes there is indeed no choice.

Thanks - I don’t particularly like the way the formula reads, but I guess it’s the only way to make this work - and that’s what counts.