Nesting the Hyperlink Formula

Hey Guys, I have the following formula that filters items in a table marked as “review” and then outputs a bulleted list of the the items to review. The list output is a column that contains a link so the reviewer can click on it and go to the item to review.

However, this means they get a bulleted list of URLs with no context. Instead, I was looking to use Hyperlink() to name each of the links as another value in the table such as “task name”.

([DB Tasks].Filter
.[Link to File] 
"no link provided")

Is there a way to insert Hyperlink(URL, DisplayValue) in the above formula and specify that the Display Value is the same row in DB Tasks but a different column to [Link to File], so that the output is a bulleted list of Display Value text instead of a raw link that exists in DBTasks.LinktoFile

Is the “item to review” a table row?

Hi Bill,

Yes, the item to review is a table row that contains a hyperlink. The column in the [DB Tasks] table is formatted as a Hyperlink already but only outputs the raw hyperlink with no Display Value.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

So, given a list like this:

You need a list like this that opens respective rows in edit mode (i.e., modal view), right?

CleanShot 2024-02-20 at 07.18.35@2x

If so… the formula looks like this:

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