Hyperlink to filtered table based on column select value

Hey All,

Curious if there is a way to create a hyperlink to a filtered table based on a column select value. For example, I have a task list that has a column for team. I’d like to be able to email a link to the team members and when they click the link, they will see all tasks (rows) assigned to their team. The table works great, I just can’t figure out how to share a link as described.

Thanks for any insight.


If you are inside the table (that is you want to say send a task reminder to the team about a particular task), then you can make create the link via : thistable.objectlink() in the formula.
Alternatively, if you say choose a team you want to send out the mail to from outside the table in a page in general, then you simply use the table name and again, attach objectlink() with the table (view) name.
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Hello @Bradley_Skaggs ,

If I understand you correctly, you want the table to be filtered for the team that the user belongs to. That is entirely possible, but you need to do some setup work (that can be reused for other tables too).

  1. make a list with a people column and make a row for each user the doc is shared with. This can be automated with the Doc Explorer pack (thank you @Scott_Collier-Weir ). Add a relation column and select the correct team from a team table.

Add a named formula, that filters the table you have just made to show the the team reference for the active user(). Call the named formula something like FrmlActiveTeam.

Now filter (the view of) the table you want your users to see on FrmlActiveTeam.

You have to make sure you get all your types right (don’t mix text and lookups/references), but if setup properly every user will from this point on only see their team rows.