Filter a column based on another column

Hi guys!

I am trying to build a automation system for emails and I am having a simple problem. But I am with so much difficulty that I don’t know if it’s even possible.

What I trying to do is this:

The table has “emails” column and “status” column

I want to bring the emails from specific rows of the table to a button field.

The logic goes like:

Filter “emails” column Where “status” = “Customer”

HEy @Guilherme_Salles it would be helpful if you provided an example doc.

I added an embbed dummy version. In the button “To” field, I added the logic for what I want to happen.

hi @Guilherme_Salles :slight_smile:

The doc you shared is locked :frowning:
In the meantime i think that what you want to accomplish can be done with something like:
This take in the cell all the table, then filter only the row that you need and then it takes the value of the needed column :slight_smile:

But if we see the doc we can give you better suggestion :slight_smile:

I believe now it’s open. Can you check please? I understand your solution, but I can’t use “thisrow” method because the button needs to be outside the table.

Here’s an idea for button search. This could be done in one table instead of two, but the idea is there…

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Guys, I solved this.
I didn’t know I could pull information from a specific row just using “@” and mentioning the Display column. Thanks for all the help!

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