Using a column from another table as a filter

I have a table view that has 1 row.

I would like to use a column from that row as a filter on another table.

I have tried things like this in the table filter but with no luck. Is this possible?

fieldname = First.([other table name].[field name])

From an initial glance, it seems like that should work?

Can you share a dummy doc?

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I’ve had a lot of luck with the .ToText() function in this type of issues.

So in your case:
fieldname.ToText() = First.([other table name].[field name].ToText())

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That was it! I had tried using .ToText() on the other table but not the table being filtered.
Thank you!

Before it’s too late and this becomes the bad habit of you both, I should intervene and say that you should never ever use ToText() to fix things unless you actually understand what you’re doing and have a good reason to use it.

Please share your sample doc and I’ll explain you why.

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