[Display Column].[Display Column Name] in Filter does not work

Hey, I read from previous thread that we should not use [Display Column].ToText() in Filter if possible since it would not work if the Display Column changes.

I tried to use [Display Column].[Display Column Name] notation in Filter (see screenshot) but it could not reference to the correct value of the column successfully. It could work if I change to [Display Column].ToText() though.


Here is my sample test doc:

Hi @aso :blush: !

From what I’ve seen, the problem seems to be that you use a text field in your table [DB People] to either store a row reference or a text value…

Meaning that in the Filter() of your ModifyRows() you’re comparing a simple text value ([People ID]) to a list rows which could come from anywhere (CurrentRow.People.[People ID]) and there doesn’t seem a way to go further and get the actual ID needed .

What you could do in your [DB People] table is to store directly the people’s ID as a text value instead of a row reference so [People ID] will be compared to another text value :blush: .


That’s a good catch! Thanks so much for your help!

My pleasure @aso :smiling_face: !

Glad to know it helped you moving forward :raised_hands: !

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