Can you map columns from one tables to another that aren’t display columns?

I’m trying to simply map a column from one table to another. However, the column I’m trying to map isn’t a display column.

In this case, I have a table called “Ideas” with a column called “Image” and I would like to map the “Image” column to a table called “Tags”.

The “Ideas” table also has a column called Tag Title Combined that I will use to join the data to my “Tag” column in the “Tags” table.

I try to create a filter in the Tags table under the Image column to bring in that data using the Tag Title Combined (Ideas table) as the join with the Tag column (Tags table), but doesn’t seem to work.

Seems like this should be pretty easy, but clearly I’m missing something.

Hey there! Whenever you filter a table, it pulls a list of rows. From a row you can then reference any column in that row using the dot operator.

Try this formula:
ideas.filter(tags title combined=thisRow.tag title combined).image - if that doesnt work share a copy of your doc here in the community! It’s much easier to help out when we can actually poke around and see whats going on

Essentially - you want to filter the table itself (not the image column specifically) which outputs a list of rows. From those rows you can then reference any columns information within the row, in this case being image (hence the .image at the end of the filter formula)

Hi Chris,

Welcome back!

I think what you are looking for can be found below. In the example I have a Table People, and I want to see what the Passport number(s) for each person is.
Hopefully that helps. (There are also a number of other examples of joining tables shown in the doc.

(Were you trying to do a query as in a traditional database? Coda doe snot have the concept of a query like for example Acess.)

Please ask if you need further info.

Thanks for the suggestions. As it turns out, I was very close and just had some formatting wrong. Thanks to a little Coda support, this filter did the trick: Ideas.filter([Tag Title combined].contains(thisRow)).Image