Extract column from filter

hello all,

I have a basic question. In a doc I want to extract a value from a table based on a specific criteria.
Table 1
column A
Column B
Column C

column A where column C= “X”
I am trying with filters but I did not succeed to retrieve only the column A. the filter gives me the full row and if I am adding a .columnA at the end it gives me all values and not the filtered ones.
I found a work around by spliting. I am doing a formula to filter and then I am calling the formula.columnA but I wonder if I can do it once
thanks for your help

Hi @Alexandre_Husset
as usual, having a working sample is a good practice to handle the real problem.

Have a look at this example:

Formula - as reported in the doc - is:
[A Table].Filter([Column C]="X").[Column A]

Take into account that the formula is retrieving a List of Columns A anyway.
In this case a list of one element.

Let me know if it’s not clear.

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Thanks a lot @Federico_Stefanato
I do not understand because it is what I have done and now it’s working.
I think I need some sleep. :smiley:
Thanks for your time and for the solution.
good day

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Happy it worked.

Sleeping is most of the times the best solution! :wink: :smile: