How can I formulaically point a column of a table from a formula of another table?

Let’s say that I have two tables. One, with dates and the same variable by a series of countries. The second one has a Country field and a series of dates referred to the same event. What I want is to define a formula for Cases By Event date in which column of first table is referred by the value of column Country of table 2 at every row. Something like Cases.Filter(Date=thisRow.[Event A]).ESP but, instead of ESP, of course, some identification between a specific column of first table and ThisRow.Country . I haven’t been able to find any call to column name useful for point to the column I need

Any help would be really appreciated

The doc:


Play with this and see if it’s useful for your scenario.

If it’s more than you require, you can just use SwitchIf() in your filter to iterate over the columns.

EDIT: Forgot to specifically answer your question – to my knowledge, we don’t yet have programmatic access to columns.

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Hey @Ander Thanks for your solution. It’s an elegant workaround to the lack of colum’s formulaic accesibility problem. It do what I need, given this very specific Coda Limitation

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