How to use the result of a formula as a reference?

Hey there,

In a table, I have a column where the cells contain a formula displaying a result.
This result is a string and happens to be the name of rows/items of another table I want to reference.
How can I do that ?

It seems using “@” does not work in this case.

Thanks !

Maybe this will help:

I guess the switch function works when you have only a few possible values you need to transform into a reference. In my case it does not help.

The reason why and what I am trying to achieve is best explained in the framework of this discussion though

Sorry, I mistook rows for columns. :upside_down_face:

I replied to the specific case on the other thread.

Going back to the original question here:

Say you generate a string through a formula, you can use either Lookup or Filter to find the correspondent row from another table:

Keep in mind this is far from ideal and could create all sorts of problems. You’re better off with the direct references as you have them in your other doc.