Help writing a formula to refer to another table

Hello, I have a table creatively called “Test Table” which easily uses look ups from other tables to populate information via drop downs. Now, I want to create a table that will automatically pull information from “Test Table” so I can then create an email messaging system.

The issue is that I can’t figure out how to automatically pull the information from “Test Table” into “Email Table.” I’ve tried setting up the first column as a Lookup to a column in “Test Table” (for a column that pulls from another table as a drop down). So my foruma looks like this:

  • Set the table column as a lookup to “Test Table.”
  • Write formula as Test Table.Contact Person.thisRow

I’m guessing the missing piece is to connect a unique ID to each row in “Test Table” and use that as a reference when pulling items from it into “Email Table”?

Hey @agoodman
It would be better if you could embed a dummy doc in here, so we can better understand what is your set up and what is your desired outcome.

If I understand what you are looking for, you may want to try something like this formula:
[test table].filter([contact person] = thisRow.[contact person]).[message content]

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