Using @ references to other tables in formula

I’d like to use the data from table referenced with an @ in Column A in a formula in Column B, is this possible?

This is to enable easy switching of tables in formula, based on the referenced table in that particular row, as well as having a centralised table which contains all of the tables in one place so its easier to manage and visualise.

Example Doc

If there is a better alternative to achieve the aim above, then I’m more than happy to adapt.

Hi Rob,

I’m a little short on time at the moment, but I would explore using a switchif() to determine which table to reference.

But before that, I would think about why I have different tables, and not have a single table. From your example it is not clear.


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Thanks for your reply,

The main thing I’m wondering is if I can use a table reference in a formula, multiple tables etc are a bonus which I’d be able to figure out if the reference worked.

I’ve edited the doc to include the following description, to hopefully clarify my challenge:

My thinking is that in the ‘Ideal Output’ column would have a formula such as


This would then pull the table referenced in that column into the formula, and pull the content from the value column.

The idea being that then I could change the table in the reference manually or using formula, as there will be several formulas which would be reference and I’ll be changing the tables regularly to do different tests of the data.

Let me know if further clarification is needed - no doubt my poor formulation of the question can be improved!

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