How to find @ At Reference cell value's row reference / inner values in a table

When using the @ reference to populate a table values, is it possible to access other values in the object?

For example I have a table of [Fruit] and [Color] and I have a table of [President] and [Order].

Then I have a composite table:

Row 1 - @Apple
Row 2 - @GeorgeWashington

Is it possible to get any values from these references? For example is it possible to have a third column that is Red for row 1 and 1 for row 2? It is not intuitive since they don’t share the same column values, but I think it could probably be done. Perhaps by manually creating an Switch() condition where we hardcode the condition - checking IsFromTable() and then constructing the logic based on which table they reference?

Hi @Johg_Ananda

Yes, I personally can’t see a viable alternative.

Do you think that the data model be changed to have something more consistent…?

Yes I agree that there are other schema … however I am trying to explore the possibilities of using @ for cell values … is there any usefulness to them from a logic/dev perspective.