Use an object reference in a formula

I’m trying to achieve this:

Calories = Sum([Sausage Pita].Calories)

Where [Sausage Pita] - the table being referenced - is filled by thisrow.Recipe, which is a plaintext column filled with an @ reference to the [Table] object.

E.g. thisrow.Recipe = @Sausage Pita

So if thisrow.Recipe were = @Macaroni Cheese

Calories would be = Sum([Macaroni cheese].Calories)

Editing to add link to the actual coda:

Is there a reason you’re using @ instead of having it be a Relation column?

HI John,

It is VERY much easier to help with questions if you share the document or an anonymized copy of it.

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Yeah I wonder if there’s a way of structuring this so that relation columns work.

The problem is that each recipe is its own table, and seems to need to be.

Hi John,

Here is an example (work in process) of a bunch of recipes in a single table: