Can I filter hyperlinked text?

Hi there,

I have a column in my table that is being used to link off to other pages. I want to filter by this column but anything that is hyperlinked doesn’t seem to appear when I search for it.

Is there a way to filter hyperlinked text at all?


Hi there @Matt_Hui and Welcome to the Community :tada: !

You can filter by hyperlink but not directly I think :blush: .

I think you could just add a Text field to your table, convert your hyperlink into text with something like :


And use that Text field in your filter instead of the page field. (See the [View of Table 3] in my very humble sample)

Or do the conversion directly in the Filter formula :blush: .

Another option, could be to use an interactive filter maybe (Which I did for the [Table 3]) …

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Thanks that’s exactly what I needed!

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You’re welcome :grin: !