Page Links to Plain Text

Let’s say I have a simple table.

In the first column I have input links to a “Lesson” page in my Coda doc.

In the second column, I have links that pertain to certain “theory” points (also separate pages) for that specific lesson.

What I have found is that when you create a View, it can’t search for anything that’s a link (unless I’m missing something basic).

So what I thought I would do is create another column (to be hidden) that essentially takes the data from the theory point links and converts it into plain text.

However, the .totext() doesn’t seem to work for me. It simply takes the link “ID” and converts that into text.


can you share an example of where you cannot search a column with links?

You are very definitely is able to do that.


Thanks for responding @Piet_Strydom.

When I went back over this, what I meant to say was this:

It appears that you cannot set up a FILTER to search a column with links.

It DOES appear that I can search as is to find words within the links, but my main goal was to create a View that only shows certain “Theory Points” as I build them out.

So for example, if I wanted to create a view to just show all lessons in the Theory Points column that have the Theory Point “Other Principles,” it does not appear that I can set up a filter to do that, UNLESS I have a plain text column set up (which was what I was originally trying to do) with that same information.

The filter only seems to work on plain text, and not on links. Unless I’m missing something.

You can filter as well, it is just a kind of search.

Good to know. However, I’m not sure what I’m not doing as when I set up a filter on a column with links, it’s blank.

If you share a (anonymized) copy of your doc, it will be much easier to assist.

OK. I’ll figure out how to do that. I appreciate your help.

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