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I have two tables, and the first pulls records from the second column using a lookup column. That column has “Allow multiple selections” selected in its Column options. There are thus two or more “pills” from the second table in a column in the first table.

So far so good, but I want to pull hyperlinks from the second table into the first one. It seems to be impossible, but is it impossible?

For context, the first table has sections from parts of a city code that refer to parts of a state code. Each section in the city code can refer to more than one entry in the state code, and vice-versa. I want to be able to print the table to a pdf in a report, so the reader can click through to both the state code and the city code without having to bother with Coda itself. Beyond that, the visual presentation isn’t that important. It can be a nested bulleted list. In fact I tried it that way, but I still couldn’t pull hyperlinks, only “@” links.


Hi Bruce,

Could you share a doc showing more or less what you are trying to achieve?

What I understand from your posting should be quite easy to achieve, but I worry that I might have misunderstood you.

But try this :

As far as I am aware it is not possible to make the lookup column, i.e. the display column in the TV Station Links table a clickable link. But you can pull in a column with type URL, display that, and hide the display column.

Rambling Pete

Thanks! It worked.

I had tried what you suggested, but the problem was that the link format didn’t work with more than one record from the second table in a row in the first. It showed two globe icons, but without working links. It worked if I did a lookup (or, I assume filter) and then pulled in the records after the filter formula itself.

HI Bruce,

Thanks for letting me know. I have asked access to your doc, to see how you have done that. I have also added a method to my example doc that does not use the link column type, but uses text and then adds a hyperlink using Ctrl-K.


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