Hyperlinks in Column Headers (Tables)?

Greetings. Is there a way to add a hyperlink to a column header in a table? All I want to do is show the user that [Column H] is related to [Subpage D].

I know this is probably a given, but I’m trying to use the KISS method so that some of my colleagues who are resistant to change (from Excel) have less ammo to say: “See? Switching from Excel to Coda just makes this more complicated.”

No problem if there isn’t. Just wanted to check as I couldn’t find a question like this already posted here in the Community threads.

If there is another way to visualize this within Coda for the layman (without using hyperlinks), I’m all ears.


Hi Lakin,

Unfortunately not. Column headers are also used as the identifier of the column in formulas, so having a URL in there is going to cause problems.

Good luck with the people happy to keep looking at the shadows… :wink:

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