How to create a hyperlink from an item of a table


I am looking for a solution to create a hyperlink from an item within a table. I want to create a link which has a standard first part and a variable at the end which is exactly one if the item from my table.

It would look like:

I would like to find the formula where I can give the standard part and insert the variable from a table column/row.


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Try out the format() formula → Link to Formula Reference

In your specific use case, you could do:

format("{1}" , thisRow.Item)

More explanation into how the formula works is in the linked reference above

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Dear Scott,

Thank you so much. This was the missing puzzle. However when I do the more complex part it gives me back the error message: Attempting to open an unsafe url… So I don’t know if it is some kind of protection from CODA or my formula is wrong.

So I have a drop-down list and based on the selection I want to create a button which opens a URL, which is created with the Format formula you suggested. The items of the dropdown list is

  • Tempus - E+
  • Tempus - ESC
  • Other NA - E+
"Tempus - E+",Format("{1}",thisRow.[Project reference number],
"Tempus - ESC",Format("{1}",
thisRow.[Project reference number],
"Other NA - E+", Format("{1}",thisRow.[Project reference number],
"EACEA", Format("{1}",thisRow.[Project reference number]))))))

So if the drop down item is:

What am I missing? :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Dear Scott,

Thank very much for your help, this was a missing puzzle! I managed what I wanted! :slight_smile:

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