Hyperlink / Object link does not work with the DisplayName


I am setting up an automation which sends a message to Slack when there is a row changed in a Table.

I want to include the link for the row so users can just click and see the changes and I would like to insert also a DisplayValue in order to avoid the long ugly hyperlink.

This is my formula:

Slack::PostMessage([User's private Slack account], 
Format("@channel {1} New row added",[Table].[Column]) 
+ObjectLink(thisRow, "Click to go to Coda"),

The result is that the URL do not trigger, only the DisplayValue is projected in the Slack message.

Can you give me a hint what is wrong with my formula??

Thanks a lot!

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Following. I ran into similar issues a while back and gave up before digging too deeply. But would be interested in solution.

Does the Hyperlink() formula work: hyperlink(thisRow.url() , "Click to go to Coda")


I am doing this:

Slack::PostMessage([User's private Slack account], 
Format("@channel {1} New row added. {2}",
Hyperlink(thisRow.url(),"Go to Coda")),

The result is that instead of giving a URL it displays the item from the Table1Column1 2nd row. :slight_smile:


Getting there! So now my code is this

Slack::PostMessage([User's private Slack account],
  Format("@channel {1} new row added. {2}",thisRow, 
    Hyperlink(thisRow.url("Go to Coda"))),

All is good with the message but it only brings the long hyperlink for the table and it does not convert it to “Go to Coda”

So even if I do this:

Objectlink([Névjegyzék],“Go to Coda”)

The message will be only “Go to Coda” without the URL. So something in the core is wrong.

My best guess is that the format how Slack receives it is not matching how Slack can actually transform a URL to a URL with DisplayText.

I found the problem. If I type directly to Slack chat this message:
[Go to Coda](URL then it works. will be like this: Go to Coda
But with this format:
Format("[Go to Coda]({1})",Objectlink([Table]))
It does send the message but will not trigger to transform it to a url with DisplayText it only stays like this: [Go to Coda](URL

I am facing a similar problem. I don’t think the objectLink formula works properly if you include a displayText value. If I don’t include the displayText value then I receive the full URL for the row in the slack but if I add some text or if I want to add a column value as the text the URL should be embedded into, it doesn’t work.

I think it is a Slack problem. Somehow it jut displays raw and does not trigger the hyperlink command.

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