Conditional display/hiding of segments within a section

It would be amazing if it was possible to tag a whole segment of a section (e.g. encompassing a number of paragraphs, images, tables and other content etc) so that it is displayed or hidden depending on whether a condition (specified as a formula) is true or false.

I know at the moment it’s possible to create conditionally displayed text with embedded formulas, but that doesn’t allow for quite the same flexibility (different content types, formatting etc) as the above, and it’s also very laborious to assemble multiple paragraphs of text via a formula.

Similarly, you can currently approximate the above by having all your content in one very wide table column, with filter conditions to hide or display each row, but that only allows one content type per column, and writing separate display conditions for each different row as one giant filter condition gets ugly fast.

With the ability to display or hide whole segments within sections, we could build some really dynamic app-like experiences. Any chance that’s on the roadmap? :wink: