Conditional Column Visibility

Is there any way to make columns Visible/Hide based on certain conditions? (similar to conditional formatting)
Use Case: Logging client interactions. If I select “phone call” in the interaction type column, then the following columns should become visible: phone number, notes, call back; whereas if I select “client visit” as the interaction type: the phone related columns would remain Hidden, and the following columns would be visible: address, date, reason for visit.

I am using a button to add new clients/interactions.


Great idea @Lizeth_P_Gomez_Uscategui! This feature is not currently available but we’ll log it for our roadmap!


I would add to this conditional field display in general, including within a form. That would be amazing.


+1 on this request. Any update @Al_Chen_Coda?

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Hi @Koen73, I don’t have any updates on this feature, unfortunately :frowning:. One workaround is to have multiple sections that show/hide the columns you need. For instance, in @Lizeth_P_Gomez_Uscategui’s original post, you would have one section for “Phone call” which would only show the phone number, notes, and call back columns and another section for “Client visit” that would only show the address, date, and reason for visit columns.