Dynamically Show/Hide Column?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to hide or show a column “automagically”?

I’m using a Layout as a social media post editor, but would like team members to be able to either customise a message for each channel or just input one message for all channels.

I’ve arranged the table so that it has four columns: Generic Text, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. A fifth column contains a button that copies the next from Generic Text to each of the other three. However, I’d ideally like to hide those three until they contain text, and also be able to hide/lock the Generic Text and button cells once it’s been copied.

Why? It reduces clutter in the layout, adds a bit of Wow factor, but it also prevents people from changing the Generic Text after customising and/or overwriting customised text by accident.

If possible, I’ll likely also extend the functionality so that you can select which channels you need first, and then only show those, preventing posts going to the wrong channels by mistake.


+1, really need the ability to hide columns through formulas/actions


+1 please! This would be very useful for customising the display of a table/view based on choices from a select list for example.

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