Ability to hide or unhide column on layout dependent upon setting

It would be nice if you could programmatically hide and unhide columns on a layout.

I’m trying to recreate a Quicken type register. I’ve got it mostly working but I’ve hit a snag with splits and transfers. I made a creative way to handle both but here’s the challenge. If an item has a column that indicates it is a split, I’d like to be able to see the split information when I open the record. However, if it isn’t a split, then I don’t want to see those fields as they can be confusing. Same thing with transfers. If an item is a transfer from one account to another, then I’d like to see the information for the transfer but if the item is not a transfer, then that information should be hidden during edit.

This could be a feature not just in layout of a table but could also be handy in the canvas itself. Right now I do have some items using IF statements and just using “” if I don’t want to see anything but that often leaves on the page which is annoying. I believe using " " removes the but it still leaves the little empty block. But…if one could set the attribute for the formula on the canvas to hidden then BOOM, little box wouldn’t show and the information would show if the if statement conditions were met.

And yet another case for wishing we could hide/unhide things.

I have a client who books appointments and based on the type of client, they might have different required inputs. Fine, but even within that they might have another need for this when choosing a location for the service.

Client might have services at a school, business, home, or some other place. If one has a choice field where they choose the type of place, you can lookup the address for the school, business or home but if it’s other, then that needs to be input. But leaving an OTHER field on the form at all times makes it confusing as some people think everything must be filled in. Having the ability to hide or show a field based on a formula in either a detail view or an input form or even on the canvas would be fantastic!