Formula Help - "Chronological Age by Month"


Does anyone know how to calculate a “chronological age” based on date of birth? I had one that I had been using but it seems like it stopped working or changed the way it worked. I got some help from a coda employee over a year ago and it seemed to work just fine, but for some reason when I migrated to a new sheet it just didn’t work. Here’s the original formula:


Basically, I want age in both year and month in the following format: “YY;MM” and blank if there is no date of birth in the source column. For some reason, my numbers are off. Here’s an example:

4/26/08|12;4 (should be 11;10)
4/5/09|11;4 (should be 10;10)
8/24/2010|10;8 (should be 9;6)

I am sure there is a much easier way to do this

But here is one for you for now :slight_smile:

If(thisRow.DOB.isblank(),"",RoundDown((Today()-thisRow.DOB)/365)+"; "+ Roundup(((Today()-thisRow.DOB)/365 - RoundDown((Today()-thisRow.DOB)/365))*12))