Formula + Lookup

I reference this great tutorial all the time on how to create a history log. My trouble is that instead of using Cost as a factor to track, I want to track Borrowers. Then to keep the data clean, I want to use a select list from a table of Borrowers.

AKA when someone goes in to update who has something checked out, they won’t have to write in their name. They can use a select list.

However, that doesn’t seem possible since there’s a formula going on. Would a better practice be to create a Visible!Borrower column with the select list then a Hidden!Borrower column which pulls in the info from the Visible column?

What do you mean by that?

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Hi @agoodman,

There are a couple ways to go about this, and I’m guessing at the setup so let me know if I’m wrong.

One way, from looking at the tutorial you linked to, is having the button write the a value to a column. When a button writes a value to a column, it’s still editable so it can be changed later if need be.

Another way is to have a 2 column setup, and this sounds like what you’re thinking of in your post already. One column is the editable select list or lookup column and the second column is a formula that says something long the lines of “If a value exists in the editable column, use that value, else use this other value”. That way the editable value is given first priority and the formula value you’re talking about can be the fallback.