Formula problem for 'if then' formatting

I’m trying to replicate the template for life time tracking. The following formula is given which should change the current year Status field to ‘in progress’. But it’s not working. Any ideas?


Hey there, you should remove the = on the first condition. Because your second condition has an = too so it won’t work.
I suggest you to use SwitchIf formula when you have more than 2 conditions. SwitchIf is particularly great to handle the use case you’re showing.
Have a nice day.

Very helpful. I’ll need to learn the formulas. It’s almost working with the SwitchIf formula but having troubling rounding my age to 0 decimals so it matches the Year column number properly. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

SwitchIf(Year<age,“Complete!”,Year=age.RoundDown(0),“In Progress!”,Year>age,“Not Started!”)

How do I round down my age correctly?


How do you calculate your age and what is the return value please?