Formula support for Sorting and Grouping tables

Simply put, you can’t currently use a formula to determine the sort order or grouping of a table. I’d like to be able to.

For example, I have a table of Tasks, sorted first by Importance, then Urgency, then Effort. I’d like Effort to sort hardest-to-easiest in the morning (when energy is high) and easiest-to-hardest in the afternoon (when energy is lower).

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I agree that this would be a great suggestion, but there currently are some creative ways to put together a sorting system like you explained.

Heres an example doc showing how it works! In your own doc, you could just have an automation push the buttons themselves, or modify a control. There are lot of ways you can extend this concept or complete it in different ways. This just shows proof of concept.

Hope its helpful! Reach out if you need more support or clarification

Wow, I’d never thought of having a “Sort” column or a “Group” column! That’s a great idea! Thanks, @Scott_Collier-Weir!

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For the reply completeness, I’m going to link to this old thread of mine

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