Sort / Grouping actions in buttons?

Instead of creating views, is it possible to have buttons to refresh the table with predefined sorting and grouping?

I’ve tried the Action

sort([Table 1],true,Color)

but that returned a “Unexpected error when executing action”

And I didn’t find a grouping action…

Any help would be appreciated.

Not possible easily - curious to know why creating views dont work?

Creating views would work. However, it would save screen real estate. Also, I am assuming that multiple views take up more memory and possible performance issues.

This is not a deal breaker in any means. It was more of a nice to have.

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@Kurt_Kessler I played around with the idea, and here’s my solution:

It’s not buttons (that would be a slightly different approach involving a separate tiny table instead of dropdown controls — nothing hard though), but if I assume your requirement correctly, this should also work fine :slight_smile: