Formula to Retrieve Page Title

Hey Coda community,

Does anyone know if it is it possible to retrieve the title of a page for use in a formula?


Looking for the same thing :+1:

Specifically this part:

You can use:

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Hey Chris, thanks for posting your question here. The short answer is unfortunately: no. We don’t currently support pulling a page name formulaically. It’s a commonly requested feature and something we’re considering building out, so definitely stay tuned on that one.

But in the meantime, it seems like Connor’s workaround above could be pretty handy in most situations, so feel free to check that out!


@Lena_Webster I need this too!

My use case is a “help” button that shows a detail popup view. I want to capture which page the user is having the issue on, so the formula would be =thispage or something of the sort.

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Hi @Lena_Webster ! :slight_smile: I need this one too ! Kind regards