Duplicate Page with Date

Are you able to duplicate a coda page with the title including the date? I am wanting to duplicate a weekly agenda meeting to have the title “Weekly Meeting” - Date

When I am trying this within my Coda, the title is coming up as “NaN”, here is the formula I am using: “Biz Ops Weekly” - Today()

Am I doing this wrong?

Link to Coda: Biz Ops Team

Hey there!

When you want to smoosh information together in Coda (like you are attempting to do for the “New Page Name” field) there are two ways to do it:

(1) Concatenate()
Concatenate simply smooshes together any arguments you add. So for your example you would do:

Concatenate("Biz Ops Weekly: ", today())

(2) Format()
Format is a more user friendly way to insert text into a string especially when you are attempting to create longer strings of text/paragraphs. I go over format in length here So for your example you could do:

format("Biz Ops Weekly: {1}" , today())

Hopefully that helps! Either should work fine for you


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