Formulas in Page Titles

Recently I’ve found myself wanting to insert formulas into page titles. For instance, I’m revamping my journaling system and I have an “Inbox” page which filters the journal entries that haven’t been processed yet.

Let’s take the following page structure as an example:

  • Journal
    • Current
    • Inbox (12)
    • Something
    • Something

The (12) above is generated by a formula which is currently not possible but I figured it would be a nice addition eventually.

From a technical perspective, I understand that this could cause issues down the line in terms of referencing the said page, but what if we could have the regular page title concatenated with a formula?

This way, when a page is referenced at any point, it still only uses the page title for identification and the concatenated formula result is purely cosmetic i.e. it doesn’t influence the page’s identity in any way.


Great Idea! Formulas are Coda’s strength and I’m hugely in favour of having them work everywhere.

I wouldn’t expect referencing to be an issue. The page should have a unique identifier that is actually used under the hood. Similar to how you can reference a table row with @ symbol, and Coda wonderfully updates everything when you change the name of the row and nothing breaks.

In the same vein, I also would love to see ‘hide if’ made available for pages, where a page is hidden if the formula evaluates to True.