Make names of TABLES, CONTROLS and FORMULAs to be LOCAL to their page and not GLOGAL to the whole document?

Whenever I create a table/view or canvas formula or a control, that object’s name is seen across all the pages in the document.

So I have to deliberately make sure each name is both meaningful AND unique across the whole document.
As my clients documents get bigger and more complex, this is a challenge.

When I use the same pattern of tables/views, controls and formulas on multiple pages, this gets awkward.

I have adopted the convention of naming them as PageName_ControlName, PageName_TableName, … etc


Ideally, each table/view, canvas formula and control name should be LOCAL to the page.
If I need to refer to it from another page, I should use the PageName.ControlName notation.

If this feature is introduced correctly, all existing references could be changed automatically in the existing formulas, without effecting their results.

To my mind, these things are LOCAL to the PAGE by default.
So I can have textboxes called ‘Input’ and controls called ‘Selection’ wherever I need them .

And if I refer to ‘ReferencePage.ItemsPerBox’ in a formula, I know which page that control is held in.



I don’t think so. You are free to use a naming convention that suits you (like PageName_ElementName}, but within one doc there should be no duplicate names. The power of Coda is that you don’t have to know where something resides if you want to use it (anywhere in a doc).