Allow formula for Table name and Column name

Hi I’d like to request to allow formula being inserted into generating Tables and Columns name to generate more dynamic names, since everything in Coda works under the premise of planned naming convention.

This is quite crucial as the table systems getting complex and there’re features to duplicate and copy pages and insert templates, the table names generated will end up very confusing very fast as the pages duplicates. And there’s no way to tell which table is in which page.
So, in the scenario where the tables are generated dynamically, there should be a way to generate the names properly other than just adding numbers behind it. And I’m proposing, is to allow formula into the table name. This way, at least we can generate the table names based on the page name (which can also be dynamically generated when using duplicatepage formula), or assign for example a Control, which value can be referenced by tables’ name.

I find this very much needed when I created a template for financial sheets, which requires the tables to be generated as time goes by, matching their financial period, and the tables and values of those newly created tables can’t be referenced by another table (for example for summary/accumulation purposes), simply because I don’t know what each of those newly created tables’ name in those newly created pages. And even if I do, I have to manually point the reference into the exact table’s name. Which defeats the purpose especially when the referencing goes more complex and involving multiple references here and there.

As for the dynamic column name, I haven’t found the use case, but I’m sure it would be similar, just in smaller scale when people trying to work everything out in one giant table. I just assume that the needs may be less since there’s no command to automatically generate columns as far as I know.


Are you talking about tables, or views?

Hi I’m talking about the name of both the tables (and views. as they are the same in this context), along with name of the columns. :slight_smile: