Can I dynamically generate columns in a table?

I’m working on a use case where I need to dynamically generate columns based on a user input. for example, the user can select a start date and the number of years (3) for inventory sheet, then the document should dynamically generate generate 36 months with month names YYYY-MM as column names. the values of these columns will be populated later based on formula from another input. is this possible in Coda?

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I don’t think it’s possible, the only current column related formula is RefreshColumn.

Your idea would make a good suggestion! Since you can add rows with formulas I don’t see why shouldn’t be able to add columns

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Thanks @Rickard_Abraham for your reply. it seems you may have tried to generate rows dynamically using formulas, can you please share some details on how to do that? thanks

Sure, here’s an example where I combine two tables into one based on their name:

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Is there a specific reason to have the yyyy-mm in separate columns?

It is a much more flexible approach to have a single yyyy-mm column, and then populate that column with 3 years of yyyy-mm information. Everything else you can then do with filters on that column.

Your second comment on the creating rows - there are MANY different ways to go about it and explained in the community. Could you provide some idea of what you are looking for?

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