Generate Columns Dynamically

it would be great if there is a feature that allow us to generate columns dynamically in a table based on user’s input.

for example, a user would select a starting month (date), and number of years of inventory to predict, then Coda would generate a table with 36 columns with YYYY-MM column names.

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HI Hustli,

I like the idea of programmatically creating new columns, but I would strongly recommend against your use case. It would mean that you need to create and maintain the forecast formula 36 times, it will very quickly become a nightmare. Then, if you want to create graphs of the trendlines, it is going to be impossible because each data point sits in its own column.

I do have a use-case of my own where this will be very handy. I have a use case where I have many different tables, but for each table I need columns for an external reference, explanation notes, etc.

It would be great to have a formula where input parameters is a column type, column name, destination table and the output from the formula is a new column added to the destination table.

Its just a ramble… :wink: