Three suggested solutions that would make it possible to create Dynamic Forms and more

These past two days I have been tackling making vanilla Coda Dynamic Forms*
I’ve gotten pretty far, Right now I have a template table with canvases that is used with my test table to change the base canvas in the canvas column of my test table.
What that means from a user perpsective is that on a specific page a user sees a detail view of a table. The view is made up of a Name column, a type select column, a button column and a canvas column that takes up the rest of the space. The user would change the type, click the button, and the “form” changes!
The templates have a variety of canvas inputs on them.

The issue that I am running into now is that the names of canvas controls are hard coded and globally scoped. I want to make a mock controlled component where the input equals the table column it corresponds to and the column equals the input.

Since you can use formulas for the starting value its pretty easy to have the relationship go one way, but if I want the table to update when the input changes we run into problems.

  1. I’ve thought of using a formula column to reference the input. The issue is that we cant control how the names are assigned (like using a formula to make it a name + an ID of the row) to reference in the formula column.

  2. I would drill down and use child selectors to grab that value but we can’t reference elements on a canvas. For Example: thisRow.FormTemplate.textInput:nth-child(3)

  3. if we had the names locally scoped to the canvas it is on then we could reference it like a property. For Example thisRow.FormTemplate.FruitName

Maybe there is a way to do one of these three and I don’t know it because I am very new to Coda, I’ve only been using it for a couple of months. My appologies in advanced if this is the case.

If thats not the case I think implementing one of these 3 solutions would open up a large swath of possibilites.