Use Botton to Generate New Text

Hi Folks! Is it possible to generate new headers/blocks of text in Coda using a button?

I was previously using Notion for taking meeting and 1:1 notes. I had a single page where I had a simple button generate a new “Toggle Header” along with a bullet point collapsed underneath to seamlessly start taking notes for new meetings and I could easily edit the generated text to whatever date/title I needed.

I would love a simple Coda solution or formula that will fit my use case so I can maintain a similar ongoing doc of notes collapsed under headers that can be generated in a single click.

I don’t believe a button can write directly to a page, but there is a “Duplicate Page” option. So you could create a meeting template as a page and then duplicate as required. Coda automatically switches to the new page when created.

However, perhaps you would be better off putting meeting notes in a table, which would give you more capability - in terms of both formatting, and also the functionality that having the notes in a table would bring (searching, grouping, automatically creating action items etc). If that’s of interest, see this video from @Paul_Danyliuk which will give you some ideas for using a “helper” table of text templates.

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