Formular to display an URL as Card or Title?

The Coda extension from the chrome web store ( lets you select a doc, a table, and the corresponding columns for the URL and the bookmark title which you can modify if you like.
Now my question. I would like to copy an URL into a table column, and then create another column that displays the title of the web page. I know the formular embed () which displays a preview of the URL. Is there any formular in Coda which I can use to display the web page title. Same question for a formular that displays the card view of an URL?

This is how it looks like in the page canvas.

Hello @juergenheise!
Unfortunetly there’s no formula to get the title but you can change some settings to show a link as a title in a table if you set it up as a link and change this setting. This will also work as cards

There are some limitations though, there’s no way to get the title text out of that column, every time you try to reference it in a formula, you will get the URL.

For cards there is formula called HyperlinkCard() that let does show an url as a card

I hope this helps!

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Very helpful, thank you for your support.

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