Formulas for Button Icon and Color

I want to customize the color of every button color/icon in a table-based button. I want it to be more colorful and I don’t want to have the same color/icon for every single button. Maybe if you have multiple stages of a task (e.g. started, in progress, finished, checked) and to get to the next stage, you press the button. But e.g. i want to make the button orange if I’m in the progress stage, then the button turns green as soon I am in the finished stage. The same for icons.

Hi Nikola,

Have you tried to see whether you can use the formulas available on the button set up screen?


You might find a formula that lets you control the color. I do know that you can dynamically create the text that is displayed on the button.


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Thanks! I found a way to change the color of the button with a seperate formula.

Hey @Nikola_Liebetrau,

Can you share the solution with the community - I have found the button() formula, but I would prefer to use a solution within a ‘standard’ button.

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Greetings, Joost

With a “standard” button, you can “hardcode” the color of the label of the button using the hidden _Color() @joost_mineur :blush:

But for the background color of a button, I don’t think it’s doable without using Button() (sadly :pensive: )

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Ah, thank you. I believe I had indeed seen it being used that way, it can help using it that way, but the most visible part of a button is indeed the background, which I would really like to be able to give it a new color with a function.

Maybe someday…


I did it like this:


@Nikola_Liebetrau Thank you for sharing. It is a nice solution, but there have been some warnings against using the button() function. For my most important docs I can’t risk that I might run into a problem if this function ends up unsupported some day. But I have to admit, it works nicely in your sample.

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thanks for the message! i hope that these parameters will be integrated into the standart button, that would make things mich easier.