Free Gmail Integration Pack?

Are there any free packs to show Gmail emails in a CRM I am building in Coda? I found one in the packs area, but it is $5 per month and I am using Coda to replace many of my other monthly subscriptions.

I would suggest you to upgrade to a higher plan (as example “Pro”) that includes the gmail pack and many more. Subscribing to every single pack manually is much more expensive than just upgrading to a higher plan.

Besides that i don’t know any free packs in Coda that show your emails. You could use a third party app like make or the CodaAPI to make it happen but that costs some time so set it up and make is also just free to a certain point…

Hope that helps.



Ah, so if I am pro, I have access to a free Gmail pack?

I had planned on upgrading Coda as part of my Canadian government small business grant I am approved for. Just waiting for the spending plan approval - Coda is on my list for the requested expenditures.


yes, if you upgrade to the pro plan, the gmail pack is included without any additional fees. Just take a look at my screenshot and visit Coda | Everything evolves, the evolution of documents. for more details.


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