Gamify your personal to-do list

Hi there,
would you like to level up just like in a computer game or like the karma point system in Todoist? You can do this with coda.

1. The task list

Here you can set up your to-do list. I’ll show you my example but of course you can set it up however it fits your workflow. I have filtered the task list to only show items that are not yet done (done = false).

There’s one hidden column called productivity points. the formula for it is: 1+if(Urgency = Urgent,1,0)+if(Importance = Important,1,0)

So doing tasks that are important and urgent will help you level up faster than tasks that ere unimportant and not urgent.

2. The level system

Here you will define the levels, how many points you need for each and what the reward will be.

3. The dashboard

Now let’s pull it all together and show your current level and how many points you need to earn to unlock the next reward.

Here are the formulas for showing the current and next level.

  • currentScore =Tasks.filter(Done = true).[Productivity score].Sum()
  • currentLevel =Levels.filter([Min. Points] < currentScore).first()
  • nextLevel =Levels.filter([Min. Points] > currentScore).first()
  • pointsNeeded =nextLevel.Value.[Min. Points] - currentScore
  • nextReward =nextLevel.Value.Reward

Have fun leveling up by doing tasks that matter. If you have any questions, I’ll be here to answer them.


I LOVE this @Saskia_Bader! Have been thinking of ways to trick out my to do list doc. Going to jam on this over the weekend :slight_smile:

Thoughts on making this collaborative / competitive??

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@Saskia_Bader @evan

Like this post a lot. I would love to do something like this for many people at once.

How would you set up the rights and permissions?