How can I achieve this function?

Sorry,I’m not Native English user, when I watched the tutorial video , I was confused.

So I hope to express my meaning through Google translation, my poor English ability and pictures.

I have a dream to integrate TO DO LIST with habit tracking into a gamification template.
Evernotes can’t do it, Google DOC can’t do it, but I saw hope at Coda.

Now I have copied the template and know how to add a record.

Question 1.
And then, how can I achieve this function?

If I click Completed button, it can add record and add N points to grid also, that’s better.

Question 2.
How can I set formula to calculate percent like this excel?

If these Question I know how to solve, I can create a quest form to earn coins to get rewards system.

The example document is here:

I don’t know if this can fully express what I mean…
If you need editing rights, you can tell me, thank you.